Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flashbacks....Something Changed....the difference the "setting the mile-markers" makes

These are old photos from early spring of 2011, when my Dad had my "Becoming a young woman" ceremony, the spring after I'd turned 13.  I remember how at first I had been sort of against the idea of inviting our pastor to come and preach to me about how I was "now a woman", but then afterwards I know I remember being so grateful for my father's wisdom in setting that special "mile-marker" in my life. It's something I can continually look back on and think, "Wow, my Dad really does care for me and wants me to know that I am loved.  And I am beautiful!"

But more than just knowing that I am beautiful, every single woman on this earth God made beautiful.  I know that sounds like a really blanket-statement, but it's so true!  So then, what are going to say if we don't agree to that?  that God made a mistake, and made some better than others? 

When did we start going by the world's standards anyway?  If she's not fat, if she doesn't have any scars on her heart or outside, if she has just the right jaw set, just the right evenly-lined lips, just the right eyes, just the right size of hips, always smiles, straight teeth...the list is endless.  Truthfully, is that any of us?  That sounds more like an immortal than anything!

So what does God say true beauty is?  He says this, "Beauty is fleeting and charm is deceitful, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised."

Then in 2nd Corinthians, "Let her who glories, glory in the Lord."

So your glorious beauty should not be from your long hair, your perfect nails, your make-up or even your clothing, but your beauty should come from something deeper than that, and that is your heart.  

You know what's so beautiful about our God, too?  Is that He DOES'NT make mistakes, and that everything about the way you are is because He made you that way and He loves you and you are sooo beautiful to Him!

And even when the lines start to show on your forehead, or the acne comes back, or you get cancer and loose your beautiful hair, or you have crooked teeth, or feel overweight....whatever it may be!! You never change in HIS eyes and are always His beautiful bride, when you run to Him!!

So, just like when I turned 13 and my Dad had the ceremony for me..

So just like the Father/Daughter Purity Ball we had 3 days ago, and over 40 couples of Dads and their daughters signed Purity Commitments,

So just like that...

Set your "mile-markers" with your Dad,

and they'll help you to know, and remember when you have forgotten.... that you're the beautiful flower of his heart...

and the Lord's too.

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