Thursday, December 18, 2014

ANNOUCEMENT: "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE", and you can have a part in it!

Hi there Purity Ball Friends!!!
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It's Samantha again!

Hope everyone is doing well, getting ready for Christmas.

I am again putting together another fun event!

Just wanted to let you guys know the details on a play of "It's a Wonderful Life" that I am putting on.  Wanted to invite anyone in your family who'd like to, to have a part in it.  There is NO age limit!

Hope you and/or your children can be a part of this fun show!

"It's A Wonderful Life Show & Dessert"
A little bit about the show...

Join us as we perform this amazing show based off the original Christmas classic by Frank Capra!
Not only will this be a fun learning experience and great opprotunity to be in drama, but we will also be taking a little bit of a deeper look into the story from a Christian perspective, and see how the message of "It's a WONDERFUL Life" applies each of our lives spiritually.  So we too, like George Bailey can make a real difference in other people's lives! 

Also, we are doing a special fundraiser; where all the ticket sales go toward our family's
Adopt-a-Child fund, to help us adopt a child into our family!

Join us in a cause that is bigger than simply performing for fun...we are performing for God's glory & so a child will have a home!

..............................................................................................................Participation Details

Where Will the Practices & Performance be at?

Grace Family Fellowship Church
125 Armstrong St.
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

Practices will be on Thursday nights from 6-8pm. 

Audition Day is Thursday, January 8th, 2015, 6-8pm.  (Be prepared to have perhaps 1 or 2 extra dress rehearsals on possibly a day other than regular Thursday practices.  Like Friday March 27th There is no preparation required for the student to come to audition.   They will be given their piece to act out when they arrive.

The PERFORMANCE Day is Saturday, March 28th

Registration Fee Due Date is January 6th, 2015.

What to Bring to the Audition; per student:
A resume of any prior drama/acting experience

A notebook & pen

your check (if you plan to pay on Audition Day instead of online)

Payment Options:

To register, you can either go to the website and pay via Paypal through the Paypal button @

Or, you can bring a check for the registration fee on Audition Day, January 8th.


We won't be selling tickets for the performance, but it will be just by donation only for the Adoption Fund.

I don't want to act but... do you need volunteers?

The answer is YES!!!!  We can use all the help we can get, you are needed!

We will need volunteers for things like:

Donating a dessert for the show

Helping in Backstage Crew



Video Taping

T-Shirt Table person

Prop Coordinator

Clothes Coordinator

Sound Crew

If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, you can let me know via e-mail or call me @ 816.365.4354

Merry Christmas,
Thank you, and see you January 8th!!!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hi there bloggers!

Wanted to let you know, that as much as we enjoyed the Father/Daughter Purity Ball, we are actually having a different type of fundraiser this year.

We are putting on a musical production of It's a Wonderful Life as a fundraiser for widows in the local area, and victims of the Little Rock tornado.

For more info, please visit our website @

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flashbacks....Something Changed....the difference the "setting the mile-markers" makes

These are old photos from early spring of 2011, when my Dad had my "Becoming a young woman" ceremony, the spring after I'd turned 13.  I remember how at first I had been sort of against the idea of inviting our pastor to come and preach to me about how I was "now a woman", but then afterwards I know I remember being so grateful for my father's wisdom in setting that special "mile-marker" in my life. It's something I can continually look back on and think, "Wow, my Dad really does care for me and wants me to know that I am loved.  And I am beautiful!"

But more than just knowing that I am beautiful, every single woman on this earth God made beautiful.  I know that sounds like a really blanket-statement, but it's so true!  So then, what are going to say if we don't agree to that?  that God made a mistake, and made some better than others? 

When did we start going by the world's standards anyway?  If she's not fat, if she doesn't have any scars on her heart or outside, if she has just the right jaw set, just the right evenly-lined lips, just the right eyes, just the right size of hips, always smiles, straight teeth...the list is endless.  Truthfully, is that any of us?  That sounds more like an immortal than anything!

So what does God say true beauty is?  He says this, "Beauty is fleeting and charm is deceitful, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised."

Then in 2nd Corinthians, "Let her who glories, glory in the Lord."

So your glorious beauty should not be from your long hair, your perfect nails, your make-up or even your clothing, but your beauty should come from something deeper than that, and that is your heart.  

You know what's so beautiful about our God, too?  Is that He DOES'NT make mistakes, and that everything about the way you are is because He made you that way and He loves you and you are sooo beautiful to Him!

And even when the lines start to show on your forehead, or the acne comes back, or you get cancer and loose your beautiful hair, or you have crooked teeth, or feel overweight....whatever it may be!! You never change in HIS eyes and are always His beautiful bride, when you run to Him!!

So, just like when I turned 13 and my Dad had the ceremony for me..

So just like the Father/Daughter Purity Ball we had 3 days ago, and over 40 couples of Dads and their daughters signed Purity Commitments,

So just like that...

Set your "mile-markers" with your Dad,

and they'll help you to know, and remember when you have forgotten.... that you're the beautiful flower of his heart...

and the Lord's too.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Powerful, Life-Changing Night!!

Our  Saturday morning volunteers!!!

Getting the tables ready....

Ms. Carrie & Ms. Emily taping together the photo backdrop; a cardboard castle

My sister Elena posing by the Father/Daughter Covenant Tent, still in process, but getting closer!!

Me and my friend Rachel, special guest at the ball last night!!

Maddie, Me and Rachel!!

More pictures are to come!!

God worked mightily last night!  Amazing night with the Holy Spirit certainly working.

Attendance of over 40 couples, making 71 Dads & Daughters present.

Lord was certainly working!

Schedule of Ye Royal Evening

Greet and get to know the other knights and princesses at your table a bit.  Ask funny or serious questions, you choose!

Salads & get your photo taken by Ye Royal Photographer; live music.

Dinner is served. Samantha Schmitz will share. Message by Brian Schmitz.

Sing hymns together, praising the Lord.

Exhortation to Fathers & Daughters.

Fathers come to the foot of the stage; Fathers will remain standing; facing the cross.  Prayer over fathers.

Young ladies come to the cross on stage and lay down their flowers at the foot of the cross. The girls then come forward and face their fathers.  Prayer together.  Fathers and daughters may sign the covenant  if they wish.

Let the dancing begin!  Ye Royal Dessert buffet table is available.

Special surprise dance performed by Cati Gray.

Virginia Reel for everyone!J   All are invited to participate in the fun and revelry! Table & Door prizes

Prayer to send all the knights and princesses off!  God bless your journey as you seek to honor Him in all things!

Praise God for our Volunteers!

Pastor Joe Brant                   Miss Jessica Reber
Mr. Brian Schmitz                Ms. Michaela Buchanan                                                                  
Mrs. Angie Reber                                Ms. Lynette Page
Mrs. Emily Sawyer              Mr. Tom Cushing

Mrs. Dawn Embrey             Mrs. Karen Graves
Mrs. Patty Page                    Mr. Jake Glaze
Mrs. Christina Ferguson    Miss Kalica & Miss Leah Pieper

Miss Michelle Butricks       Miss Cati Gray
Miss Masie Stuby                 Mrs. Kim Bowlin
Miss Elena Schmitz             Mrs. Weiss

Miss Maddie Meyer            Mrs. Kelli Stanley
Mrs. Jenny Meyer                                Mrs. Sherri _______
Mrs. Beverly McCulloch    Mrs. Julia Crabtree

Mr. Austin Schmitz             Miss Cat Embrey
Miss Cindy Embrey            Mr. Jordan Schmitz
Mrs. Derica Holden             Mrs. Carrie Behm

A very special thanks to our live musicians:
Mr. Jeremiah Bowlin
Mr. Brandon Bowlin
Mr. David Martin

And of course, Thank you sound & lighting guys! God bless
Mr. Tom Ferguson
Mr. Brent Marriot           



We appreciate Mr. Shannon Henry  & the Abundant Life Baptist Church for letting us use their facility... God bless you!

Mrs. Beverly McCulloch
Mrs. Rachel Oliver & Mrs. Catherine Moorehead
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Meyer
Mrs. Beth Tucker & Mrs. Vicki Dowland
Carrie Behm
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin
Mrs. Weiss

Dwight Wideman and Metro Voice News
Wedding Expressions by Geri   816.272.5092
Steve Collins with
Good Looks  816.554.0299
Mardels Christian Book Store  816.795.0363
Mary Margaret's  816.525.5177
Heart of America Dance Studio 

Lee's Summit Tribune Newspaper
Grace Bible Church, Pastor Adam Godshall
P.S. Parking Swearingin, Angela & Jennifer, Accounting
Xpressions Boutique, 816.347.7441
Dr. Orson and Eye Care

Designs by Renee, Lees Summit, (816) 524-1200
Amy Robertson, Cameron’s, (816) 554-9190
David Hunter,
Bike of America, 816.524.1819
Karen Graves, Mary Kay Consultant, 816) 525-0635
Fazolis Restaurant, Lees Summit
Weslake Hardware, Lees Summmit
Dollar General, Lees Summit
Steve Culbertson with Hy-Vee Lee’s Summit West,  816-554-2200
Randy Summerville with
Hy-Vee Lee's Summit
Integrity Roofing 816.554.9999
Little Deli by dance ______________(gift cards)

Resources to check out!

Bringing Up Boys, Dr. Dobson

Contenders of Faith

Raising a Modern Day Knight

Confidence of a Champion, Tim Marks

Text Box: Before You Meet Prince Charming  Sarah Mally

Raising Maidens of Virtue
Stacy MacDonald

Bringing Up Girls
Dr. Dobson

As the Galloping Horse Samantha Schmitz

What He Must Be to Marry my Daughter

Keepers at Home
Susan D. Zakula 

Letters to Lindsey, Terri Brady


More Resources for Young People & Families

The Holy Bible
Through the Gates of Splendor, Elisabeth Elliot
Do Hard Things,
  Alex & Brett Harris
Start Here,  Alex & Brett Harris
Dare to Discpline, Dr. James Dobson
Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Trip
Resolved, Orrin Woodward
Grace (in raising children)

Family Driven Faith, Voddie Bauchum
Corrie Ten Boom, The Secret Hiding Place
The Edge, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady
Corrie Ten Boom, Tramp for the Lord
YWAM missionary Books

Becoming an Excellent Wife
DNA of Relationships
Emerson Eggerichs,

Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

Don’t Let the fun and Positive Purity Peer Group end tonite!

More Information or to Get Involved:
Contact: Samantha or Holly Schmitz, 816-566-0480

Go to for updates.

PB&J (Purity Ball & Jesus) Club
We are planning a Girls Bible & Book Study that will meet on an ongoing basis every 6 weeks.  We will have a study, prayer, refreshments, and a fun activity.  Ideas include makeovers, spa nites, serving in local area, campouts, etc.
Our first book that we will study will be ‘Before You Meet
Prince Charming.’  We want to continue to encourage the
Girls that not only is it okay to wait for your future husband,
It is God’s best for you & for your joy in life!