What's the Big Deal?

God stirs in hearts through the power of His Word.  Lately, He has impressed upon me the power of me being saved from Hell!  Since I am now not my own, since I am now dead to self and alive to Christ, then should not I continually die to my own desires each and every day and pursue my Savior with all I have?

That means sacrificing my life upon the alter of His grace.  That means submitting to His will for me, and not my own!  That means I must SURRENDER all I am, all I have, all I don't have...
and realize, that He IS who I am!  Without Him, none of what I'm going through right now, dealing with, or anything, would be happening.  I wouldn't even be breathing without Him!

So when you think..."Why purity?  What's the big deal?"

Don't think that...because that's what everybody else is thinking, and though they may look glued together on the outside, on the inside, their heart is shattered in a million different pieces and directions.
Cling to Christ!  And submit hourly if you have to, your heart to Him.

Don't get the wrong idea...I'm only saying hourly submit to Him because that's what I have to do sometimes. 
More often than not, it's all the time.

Instead of just hanging in there,
Hang onto Him,

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